• Costs & Fees For Debt
    Collection Services

Since 1980 Thomas Higgins have been leading the way in offering Business to Business uncontested debt collection to helping our clients protect their companies margins and profits.  Thomas Higgins Solicitors have always had a fixed price approach to their cost and fees with a simple and no hassle no hidden extras approach to debt recovery.  Many have tried to emulate our system over the years but none have succeeded. 

Our competitors will charge you in one of three ways to collect your debts.

Firstly they might have a table of charges much like ours but look closer, we don’t charge for receiving and dealing with debtors correspondence, we don’t charge for checking the Companies House register when issuing a claim, if you get a part payment we don’t charge you for adding that to your case and we don’t charge you for sending a chasing letter for costs and interest and when it comes time when you think you should close the file we don’t charge you or charge you to inform the Courts that the case is now closed. With Thomas Higgins you can send a copy of the letter before action or late payment demand via email at no extra charge, others will charge you for that and then still expect you to send a postal version of the letter before you can proceed to court action.

The second way our competitors will charge you is a percentage of the debt.  This is not the invoice amount but the whole debt including any interest, Court fees and admin fees and if you don’t get paid at the letter stage they expect you to issue a claim and then Judgment and execution.  The debt amount continues to go up with Court fees and visitation fees and so the percentage you pay then goes up.  We don’t operate that way, you are in control at every stage.

The third is “No win No fee”, you really need to look at the small print in the majority of cases, If they don’t collect the debt they will charge you an admin fee and that can be upwards of £150.00 + vat and that can be at the letter stage if the debtor has ceased trading for example.

Always look at the bigger picture and not just the headline news if you want to take advantage of Thomas Higgins Solicitors pay as you go system where you are in control every step of the way, sign up here as a client.  Don’t take our word for it, Google or Bing and really look at what others are charging.