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Thomas Higgins offers a free secure online service where you can issue instructions, view the status of your debt recovery and see any updates to your cases.

These are made available to you within seconds of us entering them.

To access our online services, open an account with us for free and receive your login details on the same working day.

When you have unpaid invoices, reaching a prompt conclusion to debt recovery is a priority. The online service with Thomas Higgins is quick and easy to use. There are no complicated forms and key information is presented to help you at each step in the legal process.

Our online case management system will keep you up-to-date throughout the debt collection process:

  • Pre-Issue Letter: Before issuing any legal proceedings, a letter before action should be sent to a debtor
  • Claim Form: If you send a pre-issue letter to your debtor but do not receive a satisfactory response then the next stage is to issue legal proceedings through the County Court. You will send the debtor a claim form requiring them to pay the debt, plus interest and costs within 14 days.
  • County Court Judgment: This is a court order that confirms the debtor has defaulted on their payment. A CCJ can be obtained immediately after the expiry date of the Claim. The CCJ gives you the power to take enforcement action to collect the debt.
  • Enforcement: Once a CCJ has been obtained, it is then possible to “enforce” that debt immediately. Total debts, including costs and interest amounting to £600 and under, are sent to the County Court Bailiff. Total debts over £600 we will send to a High Court Enforcement Officer. We find this the most appropriate method of enforcement based on our 40 years of experience and expertise in similar cases.

Our secure website and portal is a valuable tool that helps you to monitor, manage and control the progress of your cases, advise us of any payments that you receive directly and send us your instructions without the need for paperwork.

For those times when you really do need to contact an actual person, a knowledgeable member of our debt recovery team is an email away.

You can learn more about our easy-access debt collection serviceapp in this video: