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Here at Thomas Higgins Limited we believe in putting you in control in collecting your debts, at
every stage you our client will make the decision to proceed to the next stage, this makes sure
you’re not throwing good money after bad as you know your clients better than we do.

Since 1980 we have been developing tools to allow you our client to manage and monitor your
cases and the latest is our Apple and Android app, if you’re a single user or FT100 company with
50 users on one account then our app and website allows you to give personal access to your
account for each of your employees, Your accounts team could be using the website to work on
their debts and the credit controller can use the app while out and about to monitor what’s going
on, or if you’re a single user then you can submit your debt anywhere at any time on our app even
while talking to the debtor !

The app shows the full case history of your debtors and all the letters we have sent and all the
correspondence and telephone calls Thomas Higgins have received from the debtor, you can issue
chasing letters, court actions and Judgment and executions, enter payments with or without
chasing letters and close files, and if your phone supports it access to your account and to issue
claims using biometrics.

We have never charged extra for processing telephone calls, correspondence, or payments. What
you see on the price list is what we charge. No more. The prices are on full display on our website
and app.





Thomas Higgins Limited

Registered Office
Lloyds Chambers
19-21 Seaview Road
CH45 4TH
0151 452 0452

“All aspects of your service standards exceed expectations.”
- The Law Society's Assessment Team

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regulated by:

The Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA number: 630440
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