• Issuing Court Action

If you send a letter before action to your debtor but do not receive a satisfactory response, then the next stage is to issue legal proceedings - through the County Court. You will send the debtor a court form requiring them to pay the debt, plus interest and costs within 14 days.

How much will it cost?

The exact cost depends on the debt value you are claiming, though most can be recovered from the debtor on full payment of the court action. We do not charge commission or a percentage of the debt you are claiming and have no hidden charges, please refer to our costs and fees to determine the cost to you.

If the debtor has failed to pay after the Letter Before Action or Late Payment Demand, you may wish to instruct us to issue court proceedings against them. We believe it is important to act quickly, so when we receive your instructions before 4pm, we will lodge the county court claim form with the court on the same day.

Once the court serves the claim form on the debtor, they have 14 days to admit and pay the debt, enter into negotiation to settle or defend the action.

We will never issue Court Action proceedings without your explicit instruction.

Instruct us online

Once you open an account with us, you will have access to our free-to-use secure website, where you can issue your instructions to issue court action proceedings as well as access any existing cases, copies of correspondence we have received and any letters we have sent on your behalf.

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