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Thomas Higgins specialises in legal debts owed by businesses to other businesses. Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses.

We are a specialist debt recovery law firm. We advise you, as credit managers, on the best strategy for your cases and ensure that costs are kept to a minimum.

Debt recovery is an important part of running a business as it can seriously affect your cash flow when customers and clients refuse to pay. Recovering business debts can be time-consuming and costly, so having someone you can rely on to arrange your business debt recovery quickly and easily is a vital consideration.

Our Commercial Services include:

  • Debt Recovery UK
  • Debt Recovery Scotland
  • Debt Recovery Northern Ireland
  • Single & Multiple Defendant cases

We can help you trace parties you have legitimate interests in locating to aid the collection of your commercial debts.

We are proud that we have made the debt collection process as simple and quick as possible. We’ve done this by offering all our clients free and unlimited access to our custom-designed online services.

Our debtor tracing services are compatible with the Data Protection Act. We can help you trace parties you have legitimate interests in locating where the processing of data does not impact their rights, freedoms or the legitimate interests of the individual being traced.

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